AMi Travel - Your Ultimate Experience for a Holy Land Pilgrimage and Beyond

Who are we?

AMi Travel is a tour operator specializing in pilgrimage and tours to the Holy Land and other Christian related sites destinations with over 30 years of experience. 


What we do

We create custom itineraries and operate our pilgrimage programs.

We are “on a mission” of exposing the Land called Holy and other religious oriented destinations. Our goal is to offer a life-changing travel experience for pilgrims and others from all over the world. We strive to create unforgettable spiritual experiences with a unique personal touch.


Custom-made Approach

We at AMi Travel specialize in customizing the itinerary according to each group's desire. We make sure to go that “extra mile” in making your experience a splendid one. Whether it is the spice of extra special activities or blending it with a little educational twist, we can do it all. Our specialty is mainly group travel which are usually church groups and religious-based organizations. Along with all this, safe and responsible travel is something that we never compromise on.


 Our Journey

Started over 30 years ago by the Mazur brothers, we have always kept the needs, requirements, and desires of our travelers at the utmost priority. And this is one of the things that has never changed. Giving priority to customers’ needs and demands and fulfilling them is our never-ending purpose! 

With offices in both the USA and Israel, we offer the ideal “one-stop shop” for all of your travel needs including airline tickets, hotels, private and group touring, car rentals, travel insurance, and all travel-related services.


Responsibility and credibility; no compromise

As a responsible and credible business, we at AMi Travel have always been committed to being there for our travelers and our communities. So, you can indeed trust us and our services. We will be your holding hand on such adventures and we promise to be there at every step of your journey. We have church leaders who have been traveling with us over 30 times and counting. Our returning clients would vouch for how lifting their experience was exploring the Holy Land with us.


 Why Travel With Us

 It’s pretty simple; conclusive and comprehensive itineraries, the perfect mix of local guides, flawlessly sized groups, legendary destinations, infinite ways to see the sacred sites, and a journey that will create a difference in your life. We at AMi Travel have it all. Get in touch with us for all the details. Book your tour with us and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the land where it all began. So, no matter if you favor a soft landing or a wild take-off, AMi Travel definitely stands is here for you.

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