Jesus Boat

This is The Boat.

It’s not a replica.

This is a real thing.

How old is it?

According to the shape the size,

according to carbon 14 dating, we know roughly that it’s 1900-2100 years old,

is this, the boat which Jesus sailed in?

Maybe, however, whether or not, it’s the same or similar.

There are a few dilemmas related to the boat: one of them it consists of 12 different types of wood.

Over there you can see in the chart how many types of wood – 12. Who would make a boat out of

12 different types of wood?

The other dilemma is- whether or not it had rowing paddles or a sailing mast, look at the wall here.

You will see a depiction of a boat. So here you can see- the boat had both:

Rowing paddles and a sailing mast.

And this is based on a mosaic

that was found,

at no other place than Magdala ,which has the same design.

So maybe this had both.

This was discovered in 1986 when the water was so shallow.

The water was so shallow, you could actually step on the mud and these

Two brothers from this Kibutz , stepped on a piece of wood, and they took it out very carefully of course.

And here it is! In 2000, the Vatican wanted it to be presented there for the beginning of the third millennium.

But the people from the Kibutz said to the Pope- if you want to see it you have to come here, visit us.

He came here but he never saw the boat.

12 different types of wood, it took over 10 years for this boat to be exposed or on display.