Mount of Beatitudes

From a historical perspective, the Mount of Beatitudes is one of the holiest places you can visit. Its roots go back to the days of old and are evident by one of Jesus’ most famous sermons. Delivered and known as the Sermon on the Mount, that speech rings echoes throughout history.

The enchanting Sea of Galilee is overlooked by the Mount of Beatitudes. The north side of the sea is connected to the Golan Heights, which is another famous location in all modern history books.

The events of Jesus and his ministry have been documented by the world. However, when you visit the Mount of Beatitudes, you become part of that story. Less than 3km away is a place called Capernaum. Jesus made his home here, just below Sower’s Cove, and gave the world the Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:1-9).

Referenced in the Bible in Matthew 5:1-7:28 makes this location a truly remarkable place. So remarkable that pilgrims visit year-round to soak in the holiness. The eight-sided Church of the Beatitudes is yet another wonder that will fixate your desires. Visit, because only seeing it in person can do it justice.

For a fun time, bring the whole family. It’s a place that reverberates in history and yet is subtle enough to stick in your mind forever. It only makes sense when you step on the land and breathe the air that circulates the region.

Archaeologists from the east and the west come to the Mount of Beatitudes to get an up-close and personal taste of the old world. Settling your nerves in such a place reminds you of how to be a true lover of history. Tasting the same foods and spirits that Jesus himself tasted includes your spirit in the story.

The Byzantine empire understood that this is a significant place in history. The location where Jesus met his apostles and converted them into disciples is right here between your toes. Put your heart and soul into a part of history and ingratiate your senses with a taste of true history. Welcome to the Mount of Beatitudes.