Public Transportation in Israel

Public transportation in Israel

It is a small country, which is an advantage for going from one place to another quickly. Buses and trains are the main public transport alternatives. comfortable, frequent, and reasonable rates, granting discounts to those who show an international student card. All units are air-conditioned and interrupt service during Shabbat, ceasing on Friday afternoon and resuming on Saturday evening.


The train is the most comfortable way to travel in Israel. The schedule does maintain, and the trains are high-speed. True, the railway network does not spread in the best way: one branch runs through Israel with several additional ones. However, the railway station near the airport is usually open 24 hours a day and allows access to Beer Sheva, Haifa, Nahariya, Tel Aviv, and Akko.


Public transport in Israel is represented chiefly by buses. They often travel on most routes; they are comfortable and always equipped with air conditioning. Public transport in Israel is inexpensive.

You can purchase tickets via the mobile app “Moovit”, just make sure to insert your credit card to the app, and scan the barcode on the bus. Don’t worry about getting off at the right station, most busses announce the names of each station. In addition, locals are always happy to tell you where to get off, and it will not be a problem to talk to them or the driver in English. Also, the busses are equip with stop buttons, so once you figure out which station you need to get off, just press the button.

Airline bus routes.

  • Due to the limited Israeli territory, it is convenient to limit air travel, choosing to fly between Eilat and Tel Aviv.
  • Although the rates are not very expensive, it will always be cheaper to travel by bus when the distance allows it.


Taxis are also suitable for answering the question of how to get around Israel. This is the only transport that runs on holidays and Saturdays. In addition, special tourist taxis drive, especially for tourists in Israel. They can only be driven by guides registered with the Ministry of Tourism. These cars are great for excursions and travel around resort towns.

Rent a car

In case of opting for car rental, it does recommend to hire in advance, from abroad, before embarking on the trip to Israel, since most international car rental companies have offices in large cities.

Requirements to drive in Israel:

Be 24 years old or older.

Have an international permit

Be an international credit cardholder.

It is advisable to have a GPS map device to facilitate orientation, especially in big cities.

The roads are perfectly marked, in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.